Venus in Fur – Naked!

Why is it the word “naked” catches our attention so much? Anyhow, to continue… this award winning production of Venus in Fur, starring the incredibly talented Dorothy Dalba and the equally matched Neville Bowman, will have a stripped down performance for friends of Fred Skeleton theatre. I saw this play when they first mounted it and it was probably the best production I’ve seen in at least the past two years. This time around, however, it’s totally stripped down, being held in a dance studio, so I’m not sure what to expect, other than great acting with a great script by extremely talented actors. 

One show only, Wed.July 3 at 8pm, admission is by donation at the RCA.  

See synopsis below:Image

Vonda arrives for an audition but she’s late and the playwright, played by Neville, agrees to run through some lines with her. But then things get twisted, and WOW do they twist. No spoil alerts here, that’s all you get as I’d hate to ruin one minute of it. Just trust me on this one and GO SEE IT!



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