Chris Botti at Mission Hill Winery – Nearly Sold Out!

ImageThe old saying of, it’s not what you know but who you know, may have had some influence on Chris Botti’s life, at least, that’s the way he tells the story, but anyone who hears him play knows, it was only a matter of time before he got discovered and vaulted into stardom. But Botti still gives none other than Sting credit for his rise to fame.

“All of my successes lead back to the doors he opened for me,” said the Grammy award winning jazz trumpet player who will be performing at Mission Hill Estate Winery on July 12.

“Sting has been such a big part of my life and success,” said Botti calling from New York for a recent interview, “I was in his band for a long time, then he had me as his opening act.”

Our interview was, in fact, postponed by an hour as he was in the studio laying down tracks for a recording Sting was doing. “We’re like brothers, I just love getting to play with him,” he added.

Although Sting was the one to shove him into the limelight, he is only one of a long list of world-renowned musicians Botti has graced stages with. From the classical worlds of Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Bell to Paul Simon and Steven Tyler, he’s been a much-welcomed musician by so many performers in all different genres.

In a recent review, he’s described as being “the new Chuck Mangione but with much nicer hair…and sex appeal,” and credited for his jazz improvisations as always knowing when to hit just the right “twisted note.” And David Foster, the man who has launched countless artists to date, called Botti “the next great living legend of the trumpet.”

Known primarily as a jazz and blues artist, Botti said, “I’ve done my fair share of references to classical music as well as jazz and hip-hop music. I think that it’s the variety that I bring to my own show and the people I play with that has made a name for myself more than anything else.”

His live concert repertoire can span from Chopin and Puccini to Sting and Miles Davis before reversing into Burt Bacharach.

Botti was about to head off on tour in London with Barbara Streisand when we spoke, then heading off to China after the West Kelowna show. In London with Streisand, he noted, “She really doesn’t have an opening act,” he said, “so it’s Barbara Streisand featuring Chris Botti – I come out and do five duets with her, then do two songs on my own with the orchestra, then that’s my night.”

While neither Streisand or Sting are expected at the Mission Hill show, what you can expect is to find an absolute first rate jazz band that can hold their own and keep up with Botti as the strains of his trumpet pour out like wine for your senses to drink in. It’s going to be a magical night!

Tickets are almost all sold out but a few are left in the Loggia Lounge, which includes reserved front section seating, an abundance of delectable hors d’oeuvres and of course, the award winning wines from Mission Hill Estate Winery.

Tickets are online at




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