Curtains for Jazz Cafe Quintet?

Sadly, a note from Anna Jacyszyn arrived in my inbox today, saying July 22nd will be the LAST SHOW EVER for this quintet of talented musicians which includes: Anna  on vocals, Bernie Addington (Double Bass), Neville Bowman (Keys), Craig Thomson (Saxophone) and Scott Gamble (Drums).


 “We are individually getting so busy with other projects there was just no time to schedule rehearsals or any writing sessions,” said Anna, “and we started becoming just a bunch of musicians jamming on a stage and faking our way through it.”

Those who know and love the quintet will no doubt argue that “faking” their way through it just means playing jazz at a higher level of improvisation, and listening to them, they have never sounded like they were “faking” anything. However I do know that trying to assemble five busy musicians is like trying to herd kittens.

On the bright side of things, Anna (who is founder & host of Jazz Café) says the trio will continue to do smaller shows around the Okanagan and BC, “but as far as the full band, it’s too much work for one person to be responsible for,” she continued to say.

You can catch the full Jazz Café Band  performing their last show on July 22nd during the DARKDAYSLIVE Monday night series that is happening as part of the Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival. Tickets are $25 each and you can order yours through the website. 

What about season 6 of JAZZ CAFÉ? Anna says, “There is a lot of great talent coming through Kelowna and I have gained the reputation for giving audiences the highest caliber of Jazz entertainment.  I will NEVER Let them down.” 


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