Spamalot A Must See!

Once again, Kelowna Actors Studio has hit the ball right out of the park, creating yet another smash hit with Spamalot.


From flying cows and calls to “Bring out your dead!” to a Trojan Rabbit and a killer bunny, this playful Monty Python musical is a delightful rip-off of their cult movie The Holy Grail and the stellar cast at KAS do a fabulous job of singing and dancing their way through the show.

KAS has found some very talented dancers to augment the cast and Sammi Morelli as The Lady of the Lake can seriously stop you in her tracks with her voice, especially when she storms on stage near the end, noting that they’ve kept her backstage far too long and that it’s high time she was back in the spotlight.

Brandon Shalansky as Patsy, Mac Mackay as Sir Robin, Chad Abrahamson as Galahad, James Long as Sir Bedevere and Jordan Davies as Sir Lancelot all have their shining moments in the spotlight as well and the supporting cast of Wells Dearborn, Jacob Holloway, Thomas Fornier, Marko Prodanovic and the rest of the company and dancers are incredibly strong, especially Holloway who just wants, just, just wants to SING….

If you’re a Monty Python fan, you’ll love this show.

Spamalot plays Wednesday through Saturday from now through to Aug 3, tickets available at Kelowna Actors Studio for either dinner theatre or just regular theatre seats.

For more information, you can give them a call at 250-862-2867.


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