Private Eyes Twists and Turns Like Bach on Westside Road

Nabil Ayoub, Madeleine Suddaby and Xavier de Salaberry in Private Eyes

Nabil Ayoub, Madeleine Suddaby and Xavier de Salaberry in Private Eyes

With more twists and turns then Westside Road, Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival’s production of Private Eyes is definitely not the kind of play you can put yourself into cruise control mode to sit back and enjoy. It’s more like listening to a piece written by Bach where, if you pay attention, you get the joy of hearing the same phrases being repeated throughout but in different voices with different intonations and meanings.

The wind, too played havoc with hair and props last night but that’s all part of the fun of outdoor theatre, and on a warm summer night, it’s a treat to sit outside and catch a play.

The story starts off with Lisa (portrayed brilliantly by Madeleine Suddaby) arriving for an audition – or so we are led to believe. The first big twist in the story happens about 10 minutes in and from that point on, you never really quite know what to expect.

Graham Miles brings an incredibly intensity to his part as Matthew and Nabil Ayoub is the perfect “prick” in the part of Adrian. The cast is rounded out with Xavier de Salaberry and Stephanie Moroz – neither of whom are quite what they appear to be.
Private Eyes, written by Stephen Dietz and directed by Neal Facey, continues its run outdoors at the Rotary Centre for the Arts with shows July 28 and 31, as well as Aug. 2, 4, 6, 8 and 11.

Also part of the Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival, you’ll find the same actors and crew in different roles in the musical [title of show], which plays on alternate nights. Remaining shows are July 27 and 30 along with Aug. 1, 3, 7 and 10.
Tickets are $25 at the gate or purchase online in advance at


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